University of Southern California

USC Global Conversation

The Future of the Global Economy London, October 8-9, 2012


The theme of the 2012 USC Global Conversation is The Future of Global Economy. The world continues to struggle with recession and many economies work toward creating the conditions for a unique opportunity – the possibility of a substantial ‘long (economic) boom’ as we head further into the 21st century. A confluence of forces, particularly the transition to the knowledge society, the emergence of a global economy, and the pursuit of environmental stability – could come together to propel huge improvements in wealth-creating capacity and well-being worldwide. However for this to happen two major advances would have to be made on the policy fronts. First, exceptional efforts would be needed nationally and internationally to encourage continuous innovation and high levels of investment. Second, substantial leaps would be needed in levels of international cooperation on such matters as the diffusion of technology and knowledge, market integrations and environmental transformation. How do we get from recession to boom…from here to there?

Our keynote speaker Jack Straw, British Labour Member of Parliament and former Foreign Secretary, and USC panelists will consider the possibility of the “long (economic) boom” from three perspectives:

  • An examination of the key factors (from the perspective and expertise of each of the panelists) likely to determine whether or not a long-run economic boom is possible in the future, focusing on the United States and other western economies as they interact with the developing economies of Asia and South America;
  • A discussion of the specific driving forces likely to accompany economic dynamism over the next 20-30 years; and
  • A consideration of the way domestic and transnational policy choices are likely to influence the playing out of different scenarios for the 21st century “long economic boom.”

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